What We Do

Our service to you is simple, trading calls like commodity tips, equity tips and currency tips. Our research calls are precise, which gives you the right price level to enter and the right price to exit. Our target and stop loss are better and accurate compared to any other calls you can receive.

Nifty Calls
Both Nifty and Bank nifty calls are designed to approach market in more economic perspective. We help our customers to ride along the market bull and make their investment more greener.

Commodity Calls
Commodity market is believed to fetch high profit among future contracts trading. Though profit return was reported to attract more traders, many have the fear of losing their entire investment. With high risk in trading, guidance in trading is very important.

Our commodity research calls based entirely on technical charts, settle down the problem of risk trading. Our entry exit points are cross checked many times to give a narrowed level of entry exit.

To put it in a nutshell, our commodity calls are the best in market period.

Currency Calls
Trading research calls for USD/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR and JPY/INR are provided to manage your currency trading very frequently. Even investors with less amount concentrate on currency trading. With growing in number of traders, the demand for currency trading research calls has increased. We provide intense calls for currency trading for Indian exchanges, with accurate levels for both positional and intraday.

Personalised Advisory
Holding stocks for long term? Have selected scrips to trade intraday? Have savings amount and do not know how to spread and trade in stock commodity and currency market? Send us an e-mail and our experts will prepare a very convenient report on how to manage your portfolio.